About Eliza

Eliza Overduin was born in Sydney and draws on her heritage as the foundation of her art form.

Her father, Henk, was a noted artist in his own right and both he and Eliza were influenced by great Dutch artist MC Escher, who actually taught Henk in Holland. Eliza claims her influence stems from Escher, though her inspiration comes from her father. Both artists reflect a powerful tonal theme weaving through their work.

Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW is currently Eliza’s home. The fusion of natural beauty and space in this unique area of Australia accentuates the inspiration for the artist to create work of distinction and simplicity.

As is the nature of charcoal, Eliza’s work is black on white cloth creating a simple, intricate and unique interpretation of her subjects.

Eliza has exhibited in numerous locations across NSW and has sold work both nationally and internationally. What began as a hobby, has now developed into a solid and exciting career which promises to continue in its growth. Her success is founded on the guiding principle of loving what she does.